6 simple tricks reduce body weight

weight lossIf you think that maintaining an ideal weight complex, then you should listen to the following six simple ways, not only practical, but also very effective to help smooth diet

1. 5 small portions
basically your body will only use the calories as needed, and save the rest as fat. so, no good food in large portions, unless your activities are very strenuous.
otherwise, do not think to only eat once a day. habits that just add weight, especially if run continuously. because when you eat very small portions, the body thinks are in starvation mode, and will slow the digestion process.

2. do not sacrifice nutrition
guard and the proportion of macro nutrients.

* 25% of animal protein, which comes from seafood, eggs, chicken, turkey, and lamb.

* 50% fruits and vegetables, particularly dense vegetables with green leaf substance such as broccoli, spinach, etc

* The remaining 25% divided equally between the nuts, seeds, and whole wheat.

other than that, reduce consumption of fatty foods, dairy products and carbohydrates. Initially you will probably feel the food a little bland, but long taste will adjust.

3. fluid consumption
if you are accustomed to drink in small amounts, the body will store the liquid, which will increase body weight. conversely, if the increased fluid intake, in addition to toxins depleted, you also train your body to no longer save the liquid. make it a habit to drink a glass of warm water with lemon wedges, especially before eating, which can reduce water storage in the body.

4. morning ritual
before the stomach fills, drink 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar and 1 teaspoon maple syrup dissolved in 350 ml of warm water. undoubtedly, the ability to digest and will increase your metabolism. then, do not fast breakfast. But not just any breakfast, but a healthy proportion as mentioned in point 2.

5. back to nature
a number of herbs believed to help smooth the diet, including chrysanthemum, ginseng, asparagus, and green tea. but you should consult with a qualified practitioner.

6. let's get active
Physical activity not only accelerate the process of digestion, but also helps burn excess calories. if not interested in registering at the gym, just up the stairs and avoid the elevator, or walking when distance was close. cycling, dancing, or learn to climb walls can also be a healthy alternative and fun.

The optimal duration is for 30 minutes, 4 times a week. but if you're not used to exercise, do not push yourself. start with a light program, and increase intensity gradually.

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gdpermana said...

Lucu euy gambarnya..hehe
tips nya juga oke..

Dorothy L said...

Excellent post.
It can be so simple...losing weight does not have to be a ball and chain.
If a person just cuts everything they eat in half...it keeps the humdrum of trying to figure out complicated diets.'
As you mentioned eat several small meals of healthy and nutritious foods :)

reni said...

Aku juga pengen sih nurunin berat badan.., tapi kok susah banget ya..? Mungkin karena niatnya belum kuat nih hehehe...

sexylegsandbody said...

Hi, I really enjoyed reading this post, I battle with my weight, I used to play squass, however my knees couldnt take the train anymore, had to ops and now it is not possible to play anymore. Needless to say, I have put on the kilos. but I will follow your advice, itis good advice as I have heard it before and have slowly but surely started to impliment it. I will definately try the lemom water.
Great post, and thanks for your regular visits to my site, I appreciate and value your visits.

Zippy said...

Wah..gimana mw menjaga berat badan yang ideal...
Ni berat badan gue aja belum idel, wkwkwkwkkwkw...

narti said...

makasih artikelnya, banyak yg belum dilaksanakan nih...

info ternak said...

thank for your sharing about reduce body weight.. that is very use full for some body...

but for me is not to use that trick, becouse my body weight still in normal condition... :D, but sometime drop and down, but not going to over weight.

but how if someone come to this site and he want to know about HOW TO MANAGE BODY WEIGHT OF POULTRY ANIMAL, poultri disease and more about poultry...?? that is common and simple.. just visit my site and you can get information about poultry... :D

thanks from info ternak

Brian said...

useful tips :)

Mizzsharon said...

Ah thanks! I can safely say I fulfilled at least 4/6 of em. but still im gaining weight like mad. I must be doing something wrong. Grrr LOL

goresan lia said...

useful tips for me, thanks

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