Permanently Correct your Sight with Eye Laser Surgery

Wearing glasses and contact lenses is a boring daily routine that many folks attempt to avoid at all means. For a long period of time folk with visual Problems had no much option but to wear these sight supporting gadgets. But this is not the case anymore as opticians have come up with Eye Laser Surgery that permanently correct the sight Problems once and for all.
Lasic Eye Surgery is one such procedure that is carried out to reshape the cornea without working immediately on the outer surface of the cornea. The whole idea behind the operation is to switch the focus of the eye so that it concentrates on the retina.

How is it performed?

The surgeon cuts the cornea either using a tiny cornea cutting instrument or a laser, thus making a flap. The flap is then folded back so a particular amount of the cornea tissue is removed using the laser. This enables the reshaping of the cornea. An ultraviolet light is then passed through the cornea to further reshape it and enable it to focus and refract light on the retina. The flap is then replaced to give protection to the eye from damages.
Benefits of the Lasik Eye Surgery to the Patient
Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure has immediate results that are realized a day or two after surgery. It can be performed on out-patient basis thus the patient caters only for the cost of the operation. It's a permanent sight correction mechanism dumping need for supportive eyewear. The procedure is relatively inexpensive. It's a non-invasive form of surgery that is only performed once with no need for follow-up surgeries.

Lasik is performed on those with reasonable visual issues to stop the Problems from augmenting further.
Lasik Surgery Complications - like any other surgical operations, this procedure may present some complications to the patient. These may include :

Patients experiencing inflammation or scarring which is a natural reaction of the cornea when it senses any foreign material in the eye.

The flap of the eye, usually cut when reshaping the cornea may sometimes be incorrectly cut such that it becomes wounded.

The patient may also experience a little blurred vision especially at night.
Patients may develop the dry eyes syndrome where the eye is not able to supply enough tears to keep them damp.

There might be over or under correction of the visual issue. Thus patients may finish up wearing glasses or lenses or going for another laser operation.


The patient should entirely talk to the doctor to weigh out the benefits against the risks of the operation.

Although the process has many complications, it's possible to mitigate the level of these effects.

One way that is highly recommended by ophthalmologists is to have the treatment administered on one eye first as a means of testing its response to the procedure. So if the procedure does not work, the patient will look for an alternative process for the other eye. Nevertheless some of the complications like infections can be dealt with using common antibiotics.

Research has shown that Eye Laser Surgery operations have a particularly high success rate with the amount of long term complications being less than half p.c.

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narti said...

ada baik buruknya juga ya...
moga tetap sehat2 aja deh...

NURA said...

salam friend
thank information
I know eye laser surgery,coz your information this blog.

happy weekend

Zippy said...

Weleh, gak niat kayak ginian...
Lagian untung mata gue masih oke2 aja, gak menggunakan kontak lensa dan kacamata, hehehe...

Ali Munandar said...

wow i don't uunderstand about that's hehehe

Anonymous said...

i have been wearing spectacle since young age. i heard before about lasik surgery. but until now still prefers using spectacle, because one patient have her eye sight become worse after performing lasik surgery.

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