Certified Dental Assistant

To become a certified dental assistant you have to appear in an examination. The examination’s main importance on the chair side assistance. The examination also covers Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) and Infection Control (ICE) topics for the dental assistants.

It is a dental regulatory license offered for increasing the level of competence and knowledge for safety of the dental patients.

Written examination is available three times a year. You can appear at designated places. You have to pay a fee. The examination is a computerized one. After you apply for the test, you will get an admission test notification. It will reach within four weeks of your application. You have to call the regulating board for scheduling an appointment or examination time. You can schedule the test at any time. You will have 60 days time to complete the test.

If you fail to do so, you will lose your fees.

Certified dental assistants can perform various tasks which a non certified assistant can not do. You as a certified one will be able to handle tasks under the direct supervision of the licensed dentist like providing education on dental issues, record medical histories and signs for dentist reviewing, selecting and prefitting crown in patients, selecting and pre fitting orthodontic bands, removal of orthodontic arch wire, impression taking for casts, placing matrix bands, removing matrix bands, application of desensitizing agents to the teeth of the patients, removing cement, removing sutures, removing ligature ties, removing oral dressings, placing orthodontic ligatures etc.

There are some supportive tasks that a certified assistant performs. These are to be performed under direct supervision of licensed dentists.

Direst personal supervision means that the licensed dentist is present at the time of the tasks performed on the patients. The dentist should personally diagnose the problem and should instruct the procedures. He should also check the tasks done before the patient leaves.

For the license you should posses some qualities or criteria. You should attain 17 years of age, you should meet the education requirements, you should meet the examination criteria and you should submit application, fees and documents.

The components of a certified assistant examination are general chairside or GC, infection control or ICE and the Radiation Health and Safety (RHS).

There are multiple choice questions for you. There are generally 120 questions appear in the test. Application for general chairside examination requires specific documentation.

In the Infection Control (ICE) examination, 100 multiple choice questions appear for you. You do not need any prerequisite for this examination. You also do not need any documentation. Passing this examination will help you as a dental assistant to do better in your field. This will help you to perform better for the health of the patients.

The Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) examination consist of 100 multiple choice questions. No prerequisite and no document are necessary for the examination.

This certification is actually a proof of your competence in an area. It is also a proof of your qualification and professional knowledge both theoretical and practical. This certification will help you in getting better jobs. It will help you progress in your career.

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