Dental implants: what it is and the qualities of an implant surgeon

The process of dental implants involves the restorative procedure to help people who are in agony of missing teeth. Not all are bestowed with a perfect set of white teeth and those people have to face the embarrassment of not being able to smile their hearts out. Losing permanent teeth in adulthood is extremely embarrassing because it is the time to have fun and laugh with all your might. Being deprived of this God’s gift, many people lead their lives being depressed. It causes adverse effects on one’s social, personal and professional life. Loss of teeth is generally a result of an accident or some particular medical conditions or old age. People should be aware that the loss of permanent teeth is no longer more permanent and if they are willing to smile again, dental implants can help them do so, thanks to the expert implant surgeons.

But, for this treatment people should have complete information regarding the whole process. Dental implants are the procedure of artificially creating teeth or a single tooth in the place of the lost teeth. The implant is placed to that part of the jaw where an artificial teeth needs to be grown. A titanium rod is screwed to that portion and the gum around that area is stitched around the rod and finally a new tooth grows there. The implant surgeons suggest some time for the healing of that portion and people who undergo dental implant surgery should strictly follow the guidelines given by them. The best part of undergoing implant treatment is that the artificial tooth sets among the permanent teeth so well that it is nearly impossible to distinguish the artificial one from the natural ones. After the completion of the healing period, even the patient would not be able to make out which teeth have been replaced with dental implants. The surgical procedure of dental implants cannot be done overnight and a person requiring the treatment should be ready for the surgery and provide the recommended time so that the implant heals as expected. The healing process can take time depending on certain factors and the patients should be ready for that without expecting an overnight recovery. It is a matter of great relief that the success ratio of dental implants is excellent and that is the main reason why this treatment is recommended by implant surgeons to all of them who suffer from missing tooth or teeth. As a matter of fact, dental implants are the best treatment for people suffering from this problem during their elder years. The artificial teeth that people receive after the completion of the treatment are fully functional and can help in chewing food properly, smile with all their might and speak properly as well. When you are going for dental implants, you must make sure that you seek your treatment only from a qualified implant surgeon. It is suggested that you should check his records and analyze his success rates of all implant cases undertaken by him. It has been found that people generally spend less time when selecting an implant surgeon compared to selecting a cosmetic surgeon. People should be aware of the fact there can be a strong risk of failure if the implant surgeon they have selected is not experienced. The consequences of the failure can be visually distressing, painful and time consuming as well. Only the best implant surgeon can provide you with excellent results that are a master of his trade and has an optimal level of competency. The placing of dental implants in place of the blank spaces is quite a skilled job that requires the doctor to undergo significant training before applying his skills upon patients. So, it is highly recommended to analyze the skill level of the implant surgeon before giving him the nod to operate upon you. For more information visit –

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ijal said...

great info!

NumB3R said...

hehe. . nggak minat jd dokter gigi sob :p

Zippy said...

Sama, saya juga gak niat jadi dokter gigi...
Gimana mw niat, wong gigi saya aja sering sakit gini :D

narti said...

gigi butuh perawatan serius dan mahal biayanya.
makasih infonya.

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aku suka gosok gigi sehari 5 kali...
dokter gigi?
hiii takut... said...

kunjungan perdana nih... salam kenal to semua.. :)

seribahasa said...

actually foods play a major part in teeth decays causing many to loose their teeth at younger age. teaching kids at an early age about teeth hygiene was the best way.

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