Eye Exercises To Strengthen The Eyes

1. Rapid Re-Focus

This involves you changing focus between a distant and nearby object at a rapid rate. Concentrating on fully focusing the eye at each point. You can best achieve thiis by holding a pencil or your finger in fornt of you to create the 'close point'.

2. Rotations

These are incredibly effective if done correctly. Too many people simply rotate the eyes without properly ensuring their position at each point. SO to ensure the greatest benefit you need to start by looking up as far as you can without moving your head. Then look left as far as possible keeping the head still. Follow by looking down to the max and then to the right. The key here is making sure you eye reaches the full range of it's movement.

3. Close & Let Go

A great way to relax any muscle is to contract them hard for a set time and releasing them. This can work for muscles in the vicinity of those you contract to. So if you scrunch your eye lids closed and really squeeze them together hard for a count of 5 seconds then let go. This will cause a deep relaxation of the eye socket and lens muscles.

4. Look Up

This is great for relaxing the eyes and can also help you sleep. You simply need to look straight up keeping your head still. Look straight up and strain as hard as possible as if you're trying to look up into the top of your head. You're eyes will become heavy after about 20 seconds. Repeat this at least 5 times or until your eyes are too tired to continue.

These 4 are just a small sample as there's been many created and refined since they were first developed by a Dr Bates - an opthalmogist practicing in the 1800's. They've now been updated by modern techniques in eye care and restoration.

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bayunature said...

Good info friend. I have a weakness in the eyes, now wearing glasses.

Anonymous said...

Good info friend, nice and informative sites

Rizky2009 said...

walaupun aq kasih comentnya g sama dengan isinya, y inilah komentarnya seorang yang g ngerti bahasa inggris blas.. dlu waktu sekolah g bisa sekarang lupa...

Rizky2009 said...

gpp to sob koment g sama dg postingan kamu, harap maklum

Tjenarvi said...

great info to practice your eyes without eyeglasses

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