Vietnam buy 12 Russian Jet Fighter.

Vietnam signed a contract to buy 12 Russian fighter jets as part of the contract of one billion U.S. dollars. Thus the Interfax news agency said on Wednesday (10/2/2010).

Vietnam will buy combat aircraft Su-30 is designed for ground attack and air combat.

The aircraft was to be purchased in anticipation of increased problems related to the sovereignty dispute in the South China Sea. Vietnam said that the dispute is worrying.

"Last week, the signing of a contract made for the delivery of 12 Su-30 MK2 in 2011-2012," the news agency said citing diplomatic-military sources.

The agency added that the agreement was signed with three other contracts, including other weapons that will be used for combat in the air and spare parts.

Su-30 aircraft known as the Flanker-C to NATO is more powerful version of the Su-27. The aircraft made its first flight in the Soviet period. However, he had entered the military ranks of post-communist Russia in 1996.

According to the factory as the Sukhoi aircraft, Su-30MK2 designed for ground attack and excel in the air. The aircraft was able to paralyze a manned aircraft and unmanned with missiles controlled in the middle distance and the fighting in the air.

Vietnam, China and other countries each claim sovereignty over the islands in the South China Sea. Vietnamese call the East Sea, including the cluster-cluster Spratly and Paracel islands are rich in oil and gas.

Previous arms agreements, including the sale of six submarines, was announced as the Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyễn Tấn Dũng visited Moscow in December. At that time, sales of these aircraft is also discussed.

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Zippy said...

Heh..sukoi kayaknya lagi naik daun ni...
Pada beralih kerja sama dengan Rusia :D

berita untuk negri said...

nice post buddy,,cheers

alkatro said...

kayak mau perang saja ya.. beli jet fighter banyak amat
nice info. :)

ADITYA said...

Wih nampaknya vietnam mau melebarkan sayap nih......apa karena dendam dengan amerika yah n punya strategi khusus?

Anonymous said...


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