Don't leave Afghanistan in ravaged!.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul, on Friday (5/2/2010), said that the problem of Afghanistan can not be solved only by military means. Gul issued a statement delivered during an unofficial meeting of NATO defense ministers with the Non-Aligned partners them in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Istanbul, Turkey.

"However, foreign troops will leave Afghanistan in a day. They can not leave the country ravaged, but a whole country with all the institutions function," said Gul.

"As the international community, we need to continue our struggle against terrorism, extremism, weapons smuggling, and organized crime through cooperation," he said.

He underlined the priority should be given to training Afghan troops and the provision of weapons and equipment. He said the replacement would make the withdrawal of foreign troops so much easier after establishing security, peace, and stability.

He said the International Security Assistance Force and NATO entered Afghanistan not to change the culture, identity, and traditions of the people of Afghanistan.

Turkey's President stated, all countries which contribute to the international forces in Afghanistan could also make schools, hospitals and roads, and said they were not satisfied with the security enforcing, but must also try to attract the hearts and minds of the people of Afghanistan.

He said nearly 15 million children in Afghanistan needed education, health services, and employment opportunities from the international community.

Meanwhile, the UN commission on the rights of women, Friday, after talks in Geneva, warned that any peace talks with Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan must involve women. "Every conversation is conducted with the Taliban in Afghanistan should include a clear commitment to respect and protect the rights of women," said the UN Commission on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in a statement.

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