Tips Counteract The Effects Of Free Radicals

we can not avoid completely the environmental conditions that can create free radicals in the body. free radicals or molecules lose electrons body, arising from the factors triggering the body.

factors can trigger the vehicle pollution, cigarette smoke, air conditioning, excessive or inflammatory activity.

for the city, the biggest problem is air pollution. especially from the highway. inevitable conditions were also encourages the excessive free radicals every day.

if continued to accumulate, it is not impossible some time to appear as a disease. in the long run can be a chronic disease such as coronary heart disease and cancer. while short-term, the body cells will be damaged, so we are often sick.

antidote to free radicals is antioxidants. neutralizing antioxidants in the body so that we avoid health problems. they are vulnerable to free radicals, antioxidants naturally growing needs. antioxidants can be derived from the body are: superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, catalase. as well as from outside the body from vitamins and minerals. group vitamins A, C, E and minerals zinc, selenium is a powerful antioxidant and is absolutely needed by our bodies.

if you include the risk of free radical attacks, there are some things you can do:
1. wherever possible to avoid external factors that can trigger the body's free radicals, especially the deliberate as smoke pollution for vehicles,cigarette smoke or toxic pesticides.
2. always exercise moderation in accordance with physical conditions.
3. working on natural boundaries and sufficient rest to avoid stress.
4. always consume vegetables and fruits that contain lots of antioxidants.
5. if necessary, you can consume antioxidant supplements to meet the need.

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narti said...

ngeri juga dampak jangka panjangnya, makasih tipsnya, sangat bermanfaat.

Anonymous said...

setiap apa yang kita lakukan pasti akan kita terima, baik atau buruk kita tidak boleh lari dari kenyataan. manusia yang telah mencemarkan alam ini maka kita harus menerima dari akibat tersebut. maka sudah sampai saatnya kita harus mengubah sikap agar alam ini mempunyai udara yang bersih untuk kita nikmati bersama.

Zippy said...

Sob...cuma mw kasih saran...
Ternyata setelah gue telaah (ciaah..gayanya :D )...
Blog lo dianggap berbahaya karena ulah widget dari rankwidget (ada disebelah kanan bawahnya alexa)...
Ternyata dia mengandung spammer...

Persis kayak blog pertama gue dulu yang dibanned ama Google gara2 widget sialan itu...
Mending hapus aja...

Rizky2009 said...

sob denger2 mo jadi ayah ya... ?

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