Although Diabetes, Keep Spirit!

diabeteshealthy living campaigns continue to buzz, but from year to year the number of people with diabetes continue to rise. now even attacked a young age. do not need to lose heart, diabetes is not the end of everything. Do not make this disease as an excuse tired of life.
Let us control your body.

for people with diabetes, greatly affect their body condition and health. remember, diabetes is not only hereditary, but can target anyone, anywhere.
Diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused by a lack of the hormone insulin or the body's sugar levels high.

diabetes divided into two types, namely type 1 diabetes patients depend on insulin, while type 2 is not dependent on insulin. however if a person was sentenced to a lifetime of diabetes then he will become diabetic. type 2 diabetes may be "cured" if he can manage diet and sugar levels. but if he was lazy sugar levels will rise again.

the presence of diabetes in the body, sometimes not only physical but also affect the attack on mental condition. if you are up to diabetes do not be sad protracted. Wake up, and let's opponent this disease!. how?, these tips:

1. routine control your sugar levels
now on the market already available tools talker in blood sugar levels. accu-check active that allows you to control blood sugar levels. practically accurate data. in addition, the technology clixmotion of accu-check to make blood sugar tests be free of pain.

2. sports
exercise, pushing the hormone insulin work more efficiently in the body. active body moving is good for burning calories and also helps maintain blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

3. build self-confidence
try to increase your performance and instill self-confidence. so you'll get a sense of freedom and capable of controlling stress and feeling of a sense of power over own bodies,

control yourself!.

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Eliane Jany Barbanti said...

Hi Jhonson , nice blog I like it. Thanks to follow my blog Louvor a Deus and Fitness.
Nice to meet you!!! Visitng with a kissed and Smile!!

narti said...

Diabetes? jauh-jauh deh....
moga kita sehat2 aja semua ya...

NURA said...

salam sobat
trims infonya.
ibu saya juga terkena penyakit gejala diabetes ini.
dulunya sudah rutin control,sudah ikut olah raga manula juga.
mungkin karena suka minum manis2 kali ya?

khusnul said...

My Brother Jhonson, Nice to tips or post abaout diabetes.
My Brother realy (correct) abaout now even attacked a young age.
And Three tip for Diabetes like control sugar level, sports everyday and build self-confidence this verry nice to me.
keep smile with me my brother and sucses always.
( artinya ? moga aja tahu deh maksudku hi hi hi )

Eliane Jany Barbanti said...

Hi Jhonsonn, I read your comment in the Fitness and I know what you are talking about. That is in any case. Also doesn’t to understand when they translate into our language.

suryaden said...

so terible, so afraid with theese...

pelangi anak said...

By and by...this is a great posting. Give me a lot of satisfying health information. Trims so much!

Anonymous said...

penyakit ini memang sukar diubati apa lagi kalau sudah diperingkat kronik. justru kita digalakan melakukan ujian kesihatan setahun sekali.

Jiox said...

its useful tips. i think meditation is a great way 4 increasing our self-confidence, and sports is very important for our healthy.. so, let me sit up on your blog.. Catu uwa catu uwa :)
Alkatro pake bhs inggris biar kayak turis :D

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