Creating a Safe environment in the Workplace

Even if you already have workers compensation in California, in order to keep you premiums low you need to ensure your workers’ claims are kept to a minimum. Although this is basic common sense, are you having a difficult time cutting through the mass of seemingly endless misinformation and red tape that appears to surround health and safety issues in the workplace?

You’re not alone, the following is a list of the basic requirements the employer must have in place. Its simplicity may help you dismiss the red tape and get a handle on the important information.

• Identify potential workplace dangers.
• Identify, and gauge the risks that may present from these dangers.
• Decide what the correct risk management is for potential dangers.
• Place the risk management plan into action.
• Check and evaluate the success of the measures.
• Ensure the workplace entering and exiting procedures are completely safe.
• Ensure the basic structure, machines and equipment in the workplace are safe.
• Ensure employees are properly instructed on the safe use of workplace equipment and material they may use for the successful completion of their assigned jobs.

While workers compensation insurance is a valuable safety net, prevention is a much better outcome.

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