Winning 1-0, Portugal mastering Group H League

portugalPortugal successfully climbing to the top group H league 2012 European cup classification after winning form Norwegian 1-0, Saturday or Sunday (5/6/2011). They had successfully move Norwegian and Denmark to the second and third place.

Norwegian started the game by giving threat to the goalkeeper of Portugal. A kick from Bjorn Riisekick from outside the penalty box lead into the goal host. Unfortunately, the ball could be saved by the goalkeeper, Eduardo.

Portugal tried to respond by Joao Moutinho and Raul Meireles. However, the efforts of both midfielders have not led them to the right target they wanted.

Entering the 10th minutes, Portugal has the best chance of passing performed by their Captain, Christiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s free kick actually quite measured and hard, but it still can be countered by Rune Jarstein Almmeningso, the Denmark goalkeeper, which at the end only produced a corner kick for the “Selecao das Quinas”

Portugal was really in control of the game. They’re able to suppress the Norwegian players by making them difficult to develop their game and only able to do counter attach occasionally.

But, form this precise scheme the Norway had their opportunity. The counter attack which is prepared by the visitors ended with the direct kick given from Erick Huseklepp, which is standing free. Luckily for Portugal, Eduardo was still able to save the goal.

However, Portugal still in control, Paulo Bento’s forces still able to give pressure through Ronaldo, Luis Nani, Carlos Martins and Meireles, However, their efforts always failed due to the lack of calmness and defensive performance discipline, which was lead by Norway’s Brede Hangeland.

In the second half, Portugal didn’t reduce the intensity of their pressure at all. Even when the second half only run for four minutes, Portugal threatened by Helder Postiga kick. Luckily for Norway, Jarstein was able to fail this opportunity.

Portugal hard work finally able to paid off in the 53rd minutes. Nani’s cross from the right side was ended by the first time kick by Postiga. The ball rolled smoothly on the bottom left corner of goalkeeper Jarstein.

Winning a goal make Portugal lower their pressure. However, Norway still able to develop their game so it is really difficult to penetrate the host defense. The 1-0 position was maintain until the long whistle was heard marking the game was ended.

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