My New Body with Detox

I have a very oily face. Many acnes spread everywhere in my face. It is not a face decoration, but a face problem. I have done several treatments like facial, chemical peeling and use many medical creams to my skin. The good result is only for several weeks. Once I get monthly menstruation, the acnes will appear again. My friend told me that facial is only clean the face, extraction blackheads and realease the acnes for temporary.

In order to optimalize the result, my friend suggest me to take facial detox. This facial is suitable for active women which is often under sunshine. Although the process takes two times peeling, but it will not cause dry skin since the formula is so moisture according to skin type. Besides take this kind of facial, I also consume DetoxiGreen which gives skin nutritional and make me look younger. It is not only for improving my skin, but also keep my body defense since it contains antioxidant, vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

I feel that I have new skin and new body. A lot of activities do not make me tired too fast. Detoxification process improves my organ functions. Optimum health will bring me to optimum achievements.

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