Clove, new "superfood"

Do not ever underestimate the clove. This type of herb plant the researchers claimed as a super healthy spice for the content of high natural antioxidants. The experts in Spain, through his latest research, found that clove deserve the best antioxidants known as fenolnya levels very high.

Antioxidants are substances formerly known as essential to make food fresh and preserved so that the findings in this clove will have a broad impact for the food industry. The experts also believe that if the clove of great benefit to health.

Professor Juana Fernández-López from the University Miguel Hernández said, cloves are spices that have advantages. "Of the five kinds of antioxidants tested, clove has the capacity to produce hydrogen, reducing fat peroksidasi, and is lowering the iron content of the best," he said

This research also digadang staying as a victory for those who support the importance of natural food consumption because of clove can replace the synthetic antioxidants currently used by the manufacturer to make food last.

The researchers who published his findings in the journal Flavor and Fragrance latest edition of this place on top of clove, outperformed other types of natural antioxidants.

"The results showed that the natural antioxidant content of spice used in Mediterranean diet or extract is a viable option for the food industry along the characteristics of food production is not affected. Gynecologist in cloves showed a high antioxidant capacity and may provide health benefits," said Juana Fernández-López.

In his research, the experts also evaluated the effects of essential oils from various herbs used in the Mediterranean diet, such as oregano, thyme, rosemary, and sage. They tried to find out whether the various types of herbs can be applied as a natural antioxidant in food products, especially meat.

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a new natural antioxidant, it useful information.. thanks 4 sharing .. :)

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