A Few Herbal Treatments for Bacterial Vaginosis

Don't just mask the odor caused by bacterial vaginosis by sprating it with perfume or some other cosmetic; get yourself some home remedies to actually treat the condition. Over the counter applications usually contain alcohol which may end up killing the good bacterium as well as the bad and then leave you with a worse problem than you started out with.

One home remedy that can be utilized safely and effectively to reduce vaginal odor and treat Bacterial Vaginosis, also acknowledged BV, or Vaginal Bacteriosis, is the selection of clothing fashioned from lightweight, 100% cotton, as it allows the vaginal skin to breathe and prevents excessive perspiration.

When dealing with BV, it is also very important to wash the vaginal area often with water, which washes away the fluids that your body leaks with BV. The discharge may very well be the source of the odor, but the smell is simply an indication that the body's immune system is attempting to get rid of the dangerous bacteria in the vagina. One of the most effective home remedies for vaginal bacteriosis is frequently washing the vaginal area with clean water, because it helps the body to get rid of bad bacteria, while helping to minimize unpleasant odors.

Vinegar has had many medicinal uses, every so often add vinegar to some salt and water and apply it to the areas affected by Vaginal Bacteriosis it can be very helpful. This will accomplish two things: it will greatly help in eliminating the embarrassing odor and it will kill the harmful bacteria that are the source of this condition.

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